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 "Good Friends," an oil painting on canvas by Christian Krohg, depicting an elderly man seated on a green wooden bench speaking with a young child in a black sailor suit, set against a beachside background with muted colors.

Good Friends

Christian Krohg

 "The Hardships of Bachelorhood" by Ferdinand Fagerlin is an oil on canvas painting depicting a man in a reddish-brown coat seated and sewing in a dimly lit, cluttered room, with another man standing in the background. The scene is awash with earthy tones and a cozy ambience, highlighting the domestic efforts of a lone bachelor.

The Hardships of Bachelorhood

Ferdinand Fagerlin

 "Consolation" by Edvard Munch, a sepia-toned etching of two figures embracing, one standing and the other seated. The background features a pattern of diamonds with dots, while the figures convey a sense of intimate comfort in their gentle embrace.


Edvard Munch

 "Siblings" by Erich Heckel, a black and white woodcut print on paper showing an emotive depiction of two figures in a close embrace, with stylized features and a sparse, abstract background.


Erich Heckel

 Monochromatic etching titled "The Filiation" by Francisco de Goya, showing four figures in historical clothing, engaged in an intimate grouping with expressive faces, rendered in shades of gray using a technique combining etching and aquatint on paper.

The Filiation

Francisco de Goya

 A black and white woodcut print by Niclas Gulbrandsen titled "vi to," displaying two figures close together with the first figure seated in a contemplative pose and the second standing with a protective demeanor, starkly contrasted on a white background, with the artist's signature and the year 1979 inscribed at the bottom.

vi to

Niclas Gulbrandsen

 "Loving Couple," an oil painting on wood by Frans Decker, featuring a man whispering into the ear of a reclining woman dressed in deep red, in a dimly lit room, with another figure in the background near a fireplace and an overturned jug and plate in the foreground.

Loving Couple

Frans Decker

 "Two Human Beings. The Lonely Ones" by Edvard Munch, a color woodcut on paper showing two figures, a man in dark clothing and a woman in a white dress, standing apart in a dark blue and black nocturnal landscape with the sea merging into the sky.

Two Human Beings. The Lonely Ones

Edvard Munch

 Black and white etching by Pablo Picasso titled "Ung kvinne i sengen, koblersken og en herre," displaying an expressive sketch of a reclining woman adorned with a large accessory on her head, a cloaked figure beside her, and a subtle gentleman to the right, composed with dynamic lines and stark contrasts between light and dark.

Ung kvinne i sengen, koblersken og en herre

Pablo Picasso

 A Dutch oil painting on wood panel by an unidentified artist, showing a young man in a rust-colored 17th-century outfit, handing his hat to an older woman in a red dress and white headwear, with a vase of red flowers on a ledge in the background.

The love letter

Uidentifisert, hollandsk

 An impressionistic oil painting on canvas by Wilhelm Peters, showing a man and a woman standing closely together on a small balcony. They are looking out towards a crescent moon in a twilight sky, surrounded by indistinct trees or shrubs, rendered in muted shades of gray and white. The painting has an aged off-white border suggestive of an old sketchbook page.

Illustrasjon til Henrik Wergeland, Den engelske lods

Wilhelm Peters

 "The Newlyweds' Farewell" by Agnes Börjesson, showing a somber interior scene with a bride and groom at the center, saying farewell to an elderly couple, while a dog looks on. The colors are rich and subdued, evoking

The Newlyweds’ Farewell

Agnes Börjesson

 Pen drawing on paper titled "Livet i Planetveien [5]" by artist Gunnar S. Gundersen, featuring a lively interior scene with several figures in a living room setting, showcasing expressive linework and firm contrasts between black ink and white paper.

Livet i Planetveien [5]

Gunnar S. Gundersen

 "Merchant in the Pilot’s House" by Karl Lorck is a fine art painting on canvas depicting a vibrant scene inside a ship's cabin, featuring a man in red and white clothing, likely a captain, engaged in a conversation with a dark-clad figure, while a woman and another man observe and work. The rich wooden interior and subdued lighting create a traditional maritime atmosphere.

Merchant in the Pilot’s House

Karl Lorck

 A porcelain sculpture of a seated woman in flowing robes beside a fluffy dog, both rendered in pure white against a neutral gray background.


 "The Farewell" by Harriet Backer, an oil painting on canvas, showcases a somber group of three men and two women in a green-toned room with wall portraits, interacting with subdued emotion.

The Farewell

Harriet Backer

 "The Pleasure of having Children" by Theodor Kittelsen, an oil painting on wood panel depicting two young children in a natural setting. The older child embraces the younger one tenderly amidst a backdrop of dense green vegetation and a reflective puddle of water in the foreground.

The Pleasure of having Children

Theodor Kittelsen

 "The Suitor" by Kai Fjell, an oil painting on canvas featuring abstract geometric shapes in muted earth tones, deep blues, and grays, depicting a human figure clad in a dark cape or coat and hat, facing away within a patterned and confined space suggesting elements of a room.

The Suitor

Kai Fjell

 An oil on canvas painting by Adolph Tidemand depicting a cozy, interior scene of a wood cabin with characters engaged in domestic and social activities. The scene is

Sunday Morning in a Farmer's House

Adolph Tidemand

 "Nattfugler" by Oda Krohg. An oil painting portraying two figures at night with subdued colors—a young man in a dark suit listening attentively to a jovial woman in an orange dress and white hat, against a dark green and blue background.

Nattfugler. Bokken Lasson og Sten Drewsen

Oda Krohg

 Monochromatic woodcut on paper titled "Victoria omfavner Johannes" by Håkon Stenstadvold, depicting a man and woman in a close embrace against a tall arched window, illuminated by light, with emphasis on the intimacy and dynamic movement suggested by their entwined forms.

Victoria omfavner Johannes

Håkon Stenstadvold

 Etching titled "Spaziergehendes Paar unter Bäumen am Felshang" by Caspar David Friedrich, depicting a couple walking among large, detailed trees next to a rocky outcrop, executed in a monochrome palette with fine lines that create a sense of texture and depth.

Spaziergehendes Paar unter Bäumen am Felshang

Caspar David Friedrich

 A detailed white porcelain figurine depicting an 18th-century European social scene with a central female figure surrounded by two men and two cherubs, set against a plain background.


Johann Joachim Kändler

 "Livet i Planetveien [23]" by Gunnar S. Gundersen is a black and white pen drawing depicting two figures, one seated and one standing, at a table with papers in an interior space with view of trees through a window in the background, creating a simple yet expressive domestic scene.

Livet i Planetveien [23]

Gunnar S. Gundersen

 "Falconers" by Pieter van der Plas, an oil painting on canvas showcasing a scene of falconry with three men on the left, one holding a falcon, and another man mounted on a donkey


Pieter van der Plas

 A small wooden sculpture depicting two figures in an intimate embrace with intricate carvings that suggest flowing garments, rendered in light brown tones with visible wood grain. Artist's name and title are unknown.



 A muted oil painting on wood by Jan Miense Molenaer, showing two merry men in 17th-century attire, one holding a small black object, possibly a pipe, with both engaged in what looks like a lighthearted exchange amidst dark, earth-toned surroundings.

The good drink

Jan Miense Molenaer

 Black and white etching titled "Tankefull mann hos en ung kvinne, med koblersken" by Pablo Picasso, featuring three figures in an intimate setting, exploring human interaction with expressive lines and monochromatic shading.

Tankefull mann hos en ung kvinne, med koblersken

Pablo Picasso

 Monochromatic sugar aquatint print titled "Kjærlighet til tjenestepiken" by Pablo Picasso, featuring two abstract figures in a close, intimate exchange with broad strokes of black and gray on a white background, accentuating an emotional moment between the characters.

Kjærlighet til tjenestepiken

Pablo Picasso

 "The Orphans" by Amalie Lindegren, an oil painting on canvas depicting an elderly bearded man with a walking stick seated next to a young girl who looks at him with concern, while another child peers from behind him, set against a dark interior background.

The Orphans

Amalie Lindegren