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 "Eit skillingstrykk om havet, døden og kjærleiken" by Per Kleiva, is a fine art serigraph print on paper featuring stylized silvery-green poppy plants on a deep blue background with a single vibrant red poppy above teal curved shapes, representing the sea.

Eit skillingstrykk om havet, døden og kjærleiken

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 1.0000

 A colorful silkscreen artwork by Per Kleiva titled "Vi som intet eide," featuring a tranquil sky in soft blue tones, minimalist clouds in beige and white, a textured central form in grays and browns resembling a tree stump, and three vibrant red roses with green stems, alluding to themes of nature and possibly symbolism.

Vi som intet eide

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9569

 "Så høgt min eld men ikkje høgre" by Per Kleiva, a serigraph on paper featuring a gradient from dark red to orange at the bottom with black silhouetted plant-like figures and a large black amorphous form dominating the upper area, against a warm-toned backdrop suggestive of a fiery horizon.

Så høgt min eld men ikkje høgre

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9536

 Stylized silk screen print titled "Søndagsettermiddag på Vestlandet" by Per Kleiva featuring a serene landscape with sky blue background, fluffy white clouds, green rounded hills with darker green circular trees, red-roofed houses, and earthy-toned rocks in the foreground.

Søndagsettermiddag på Vestlandet

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9524

 "Ein vakker dag" by Per Kleiva, a color silkscreen showing a side-by-side comparison of a monochromatic statue's arm and torso against a vibrant scene of bright yellow flowers amidst green foliage.

Ein vakker dag

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9523

 "Frigjøringen" by Per Kleiva, a color silk-screen print featuring an abstract maze-like background in shades of blue and green, with a prominent bright red silhouette in the center containing a white bird in flight, conveying a sense of movement and liberation.


Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9502

 "Nattlandskap" by Per Kleiva is an abstract color silkscreen print on paper with four bright white vertical lines against a solid black background, and a textured brown and tan patch at the bottom right, evoking a nocturnal scene through contrast and form.


Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9500

 "Blüten" by Willi Geiger, a fine art print that features a monochromatic, abstract representation of a blooming flower with expressive lines and contrasting shadows in black and gray on a textured paper background.


Willi Geiger

Relevance Score: 0.9499

 A fine art silkscreen print titled "Midtsommarnatt" by Per Kleiva, featuring a minimalist composition with vertical and diagonal cream-colored slats against a black background, suggesting a fence or barrier, with a small section of warm red and orange tones in the bottom left corner, reminiscent of flickering flames.


Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9491

 "Frigjering" by Per Kleiva, a color silk screen print depicting a bold red stylized fish leaping upwards from a chaotic green and structured blue maze-like background on paper.


Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9490

 "Scerries" by Christoffer Stixrud, an abstract oil painting on canvas featuring gestural brushstrokes. The foreground shows textured rocks in grays, blues, pinks, and blacks, with hints of green and dark blue vegetation. The midground has a serene blue sea that extends into the lighter blue sky, and a dark lighthouse or beacon structure stands on a distant islet.


Christoffer Stixrud

Relevance Score: 0.9486

 "Lillies" by Olav Strømme - A mixed technique painting on plate featuring a dark background with a vivid cluster of yellow lilies, highlighted by strokes of red and a blend of green and blue for foliage. The brushwork adds texture, creating a sense of depth and vibrancy within the flowers.


Olav Strømme

Relevance Score: 0.9485

 "På kunstutstilling" by Terje Resell, a fine art piece on paper using color etching and aquatint techniques, featuring two abstract figures with one cloaked in shaggy ultramarine fur and the other patterned with yellow and white spots, amid a white background with minimal sketched elements.

På kunstutstilling

Terje Resell

Relevance Score: 0.9484

 "Ukjent tittel" by Anne Breivik, a circular copperplate engraving and etching on paper, featuring a dreamlike amalgamation of blue-shaded organic forms reminiscent of underwater scenes or botanical cross-sections, bordered by white space.

Ukjent tittel

Anne Breivik

Relevance Score: 0.9483

 "Untitled" by Nils Erik Gjerdevik, an abstract digital print on paper featuring a central dark, symbol-like figure with sketchy forms around it over a gradient background transitioning from peachy pink to seafoam green and golden yellow with subtle splashes of other colors.


Nils Erik Gjerdevik

Relevance Score: 0.9483

 "Ønskedrømmen kan bli et mareritt" by Harald Damsleth, a color lithography on paper featuring a dramatic scene with a red banner at the top, military airplanes against a dark sky and a fiery explosion with silhouetted figures below, conveying a message about the horror of war.

Ønskedrømmen kan bli et mareritt

Harald Damsleth

Relevance Score: 0.9477

 "Vår vilje til friheit" by Per Kleiva, featuring a split dark gray circular motif with a red "X" and compass-like lines on the top half, and a pair of solid black gloves suspended below against a white background.

Vår vilje til friheit

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9474

 "Ode til Byen ved fjorden" by Lars Tiller, an abstract fine art print with a predominance of royal blue, featuring stylized geometric shapes and lines. Elements include a pale blue rectangle, teal vertical stripe, jagged black shapes at the bottom, aqua and crimson lines, a looping white line, a small black circle, and accents in bright orange and yellow at the edges. The

Ode til Byen ved fjorden

Lars Tiller

Relevance Score: 0.9471

 "Noen blomster" by Anne Breivik, an abstract piece on paper with intertwining dark shapes and lines reminiscent of stylized plants against a soft blue background, created using etching, copper engraving, and color aquatint techniques.

Noen blomster

Anne Breivik

Relevance Score: 0.9470

 "Untitled" by Geir Yttervik, a two-color woodcut print on paper featuring a symmetrical dark silhouette of a floral arrangement on a dark green background, with white dots scattered around, all framed by the natural off-white color of the untouched paper margin.


Geir Yttervik

Relevance Score: 0.9467

 "Olje eller fisk?" by Terje Roalkvam is a graphic design print featuring bold black-and-white contrast. A stylized white fish skeleton against a solid black background swims toward the lighter area, under the title text in black and a single black oil drop, representing an environmental choice between oil and marine life.

Olje eller fisk?

Terje Roalkvam

Relevance Score: 0.9467

 Pen and watercolor depiction on paper titled "Menn klargjør båtene for fiske" by Erling Viksjø, showing several figures preparing boats and nets for fishing, with abstract coastal hills in the background, within a spiral-bound sketchbook.

Menn klargjør båtene for fiske

Erling Viksjø

Relevance Score: 0.9465

 "Skygger" by Kjell Torriset, a visual art piece on paper with gouache and charcoal showcasing a figure lying in a tranquil pose amidst a green field, surrounded by spots of lighter colors, all encapsulated within a softly contrasting margin.


Kjell Torriset

Relevance Score: 0.9464

 Artwork by Anne Breivik featuring a central circular motif with radial patterns in shades of brown and yellow, surrounded by delicate organic marks, on an off-white paper background, with the artist's signature on the bottom right.

Ukjent tittel

Anne Breivik

Relevance Score: 0.9463

 "Study" by Erling Viksjø, an abstract watercolor painting on tracing paper featuring a mix of muted and vibrant colors, with abstract forms suggesting depth and movement.


Erling Viksjø

Relevance Score: 0.9461

 A graphic design by Hans Jørgen Toming titled “Den gleda du skal leva på,” featuring a stylized four-leaf clover in red against an off-white background with subtle text aligned with the bottom right petal.

Den gleda du skal leva på

Hans Jørgen Toming

Relevance Score: 0.9460

 "Oppstilling ved vinduet" by Ludvig Eikaas is an abstract color woodcut on paper featuring a vertical black rectangle suggesting a window frame, patterned textures in dark shades at the top, segmented triangles in pink and red, and a large curved form with leaf-like patterns in the lower section. The artwork employs a dark color palette with strategic use of pinks and reds to create depth and interest.

Oppstilling ved vinduet

Ludvig Eikaas

Relevance Score: 0.9460

 "I blomsterengen" by Niclas Gulbrandsen – a woodcut print depicting an abstract black shape amidst a dense pattern of black vertical lines resembling a wild meadow, creating a striking contrast with the surrounding white paper.

I blomsterengen

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9460

 "Til havs," a woodcut on paper by Niclas Gulbrandsen, showing bold, dark lines that create the figures of people in heavy clothing with their backs turned, set against a background suggestive of a windy seascape, with streaked clouds or wind above a textured water surface.

Til havs

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9455

 "Fiskere" by Henrik Finne, a color woodcut print on paper, showing three fishermen in a small boat, each dressed in brightly colored oilskins, working on the sea with stylized waves and a distant coastline under a muted sky.


Henrik Finne

Relevance Score: 0.9454