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 "A Christmas Morning" by Eduard Geselschap, an oil painting on canvas depicting a heartwarming family scene with a child waking up in bed, an attentive older woman, and a softly glowing oil lamp on a table, all enveloped in rich, brown tones and golden light.

A Christmas Morning

Eduard Geselschap

Relevance Score: 1.0000

 "Christmas Eve at Sandalstrand" by Nikolai Astrup is a woodcut print on paper showing a monochromatic interior scene with a richly detailed Christmas tree, a cozy armchair to the left, a young child sitting at the foot of a wooden crib examining gifts on a bench, and a window with a partially drawn curtain and potted plant on the sill, all enveloped by a sense of

Christmas Eve at Sandalstrand

Nikolai Astrup

Relevance Score: 0.9518

 Oil on canvas painting by Christian Krohg depicting a young adult in a dark greenish-gray jacket and burgundy scarf asleep with their head on a bed next to a red cradle, where a small child wrapped in a pink blanket is also sleeping. The background is muted with faded tones, emphasizing the warm, intimate moment between the two figures.

Mother and Child

Christian Krohg

Relevance Score: 0.9501

 "Mother and Child" by Alexander Schultz, an oil painting on canvas showcasing a contemplative woman in a patterned dress seated next to a young child in a blue outfit, set against a backdrop of indistinct household objects in soft blues, greens, and earth tones.

Reading aloud

Alexander Schultz

Relevance Score: 0.9500

 An oil painting on canvas by Gerhard Munthe depicting a vibrant winter scene with figures engaging in activities on snow-covered ground, against a backdrop of wooden structures and a softly lit sky suggestive of late afternoon.

Throwing Snowballs

Gerhard Munthe

Relevance Score: 0.9494

 Oil painting on canvas by Erling Enger, depicting a stylized family portrait within a richly decorated room, featuring a man, a girl with a blue toy, and a woman standing next to an easel with a child's drawing, showcasing varied textures and a vivid color palette.

The Family, the Artist's Wife and Child

Erling Enger

Relevance Score: 0.9477

 "Haugianerne" by Adolph Tidemand, an oil on canvas painting displaying a 19th-century rural indoor gathering. The central focus is an elderly man and a blonde child in a storyteller's embrace, surrounded by attentive, affectionately poised adults. The soft lighting emphasizes warm browns, muted reds, and creams in the subjects' clothing and the rustic wooden interior.

Funeral Feast

Adolph Tidemand

Relevance Score: 0.9457

 "Mother and Child" by Quiringh van Brekelenkam is a painting of a seated woman in a white head covering, orange bodice, and red skirt holding a swaddled baby in her arms, next to a wicker cradle with a dark cloth, all against a dark brown background.

Mother and Child

Quiringh van Brekelenkam

Relevance Score: 0.9453

 "The Bridal Party Arrives" by Adolph Tidemand, an oil on canvas painting depicting a traditional 19th century Norwegian interior. A young boy in red boots stands before an elderly man seated at a wooden table, with two women near the doorway in a warmly lit, rustic wooden room filled with period details.

Anmeldelse til konfirmasjon

Adolph Tidemand

Relevance Score: 0.9444

 Oil painting on wood by Harriet Backer depicting an intimate indoor scene with a wooden table and cabinet illuminated by natural light from a window. Earthy brown tones dominate, with highlights of blue and green, conveying a serene domestic setting with two figures engaged in quiet activity.

Peasant's Cottage, Rochefort-en-Terre, Brittany

Harriet Backer

Relevance Score: 0.9435

 "Sunday Morning in Grèz" by Christian Krohg, featuring an elderly woman in a bonnet standing in a doorway next to an elderly man in a sleepy village street, painted in a subdued palette of greys, browns, and blues, oil on wood, framed in an ornate golden frame.

Sunday Morning in Gr¿z. Sketch

Christian Krohg

Relevance Score: 0.9433

 An oil painting by Domenico Maggiotto on canvas depicting a scene with three figures, featuring a woman in a white blouse and brown shawl with a tan hat looking at the viewer, a young boy reaching into a basket in her lap, and a man in shadows observing, all set against a dark, undefined background.

The Fruitseller

Domenico Maggiotto

Relevance Score: 0.9424

 An oil on canvas by Harriet Backer depicting an intimate interior scene with three figures. A child sits in the left foreground with their back to the viewer while two adults converse in the center. The rooms walls are adorned with art, conveying a quiet, homey atmosphere with expressive brushstrokes in a harmonious palette of greens, blues, and dark tones.

Music, Interior from Kristiania

Harriet Backer

Relevance Score: 0.9423

 Oil painting on wood by Christian Skredsvig featuring a tranquil scene with an old European house surrounded by olive trees under sunlight, with a singular figure standing by a weathered wall, embodying a serene countryside ambiance.

From Sevilla in Spain

Christian Skredsvig

Relevance Score: 0.9421

 Oil on canvas painting by Vincent Stoltenberg Lerche, depicting a rustic interior with a woman seated at a table filled with fruit, near a staircase leading upward, capturing the use of warm lighting and earthen tones.

The Cardinal

Vincent Stoltenberg Lerche

Relevance Score: 0.9414

 "Vinterlandskap" by Karl XV av Sverige og Norge, oil on canvas, depicting a tranquil winter scene with a large, bare tree with twisted branches on the left, soft pastel sky in the background, a solitary small figure walking through the snow, and a frozen water body reflecting the sky's colors on the right.


Karl XV av Sverige og Norge

Relevance Score: 0.9414

 An oil painting on canvas by Kalle Løchen, featuring the interior of an artist's studio with items like papers and a glass bottle on a desk, overlooking a snowy landscape through a window, rendered in a palette of earthy tones and soft, diffuse light.

The Studio at Modum

Kalle Løchen

Relevance Score: 0.9413

 Oil on canvas painting by Eilif Peterssen depicting a dimly lit interior scene with an individual in a dark jacket and hat engrossed in reading or writing at a table. The artwork features earthy tones with subtle lighting, creating an atmosphere of historical ambiance and focused solitude.


Eilif Peterssen

Relevance Score: 0.9410

 An oil painting on canvas by Harriet Backer depicting a young woman in a green dress sitting and reading, with the attention drawn to a red lampshade to her right, set against a backdrop of soft, muted colors.

Evening, Interior

Harriet Backer

Relevance Score: 0.9409

 Oil painting by Edvard Diriks on wood panel depicting a snowy street scene in muted tones of gray, white, and beige, with figures in dark clothing traversing the chalky snow-covered path, surrounded by buildings in soft yellow and beige under a subdued gray sky.

From the Jail at Akerhus

Edvard Diriks

Relevance Score: 0.9407

 "Etter en våkenatt" by Jacob Bratland, an oil on canvas painting, capturing a moment of quiet concern with a figure seated beside a child's bed in muted, somber colors, featuring a lamp with a warm glow and a blue and white vase on a round table.

Etter en våkenatt

Jacob Bratland

Relevance Score: 0.9405

 "A Family Meal in a Peasant's Cottage" by Jan Josef Horemans (I), depicting a rustic interior scene with a family gathered around a wooden table for a meal, painted in a palette of earthen tones with a focus on warmth and everyday life.

A Family Meal in a Peasant's Cottage

Jan Josef Horemans (I)

Relevance Score: 0.9404

 "Painting by Mathilde Dietrichson, oil on canvas glued to a wooden board, showing a serious-looking child with curly hair sitting on the ground holding a brown object, with a black bird to their right and plant debris to the left, set against a gradient of beige and gray background."

Good Friends

Mathilde Dietrichson

Relevance Score: 0.9398

 An oil on canvas painting by Alexander Schultz featuring a winter landscape with a cluster of trees in the foreground, predominantly in whites and blues, with touches of green and brown, depicting a serene and slightly melancholic scene.

Scrub in Winter

Alexander Schultz

Relevance Score: 0.9397

 "Interior with Figures" by Thorvald Erichsen, an oil painting depicting a subdued interior scene with two indistinct figures, one by a desk with a green-shaded lamp and another seated figure in dark clothing. The color palette consists of muted earthy tones with highlights of green and a touch of cobalt blue.

Interior with the Artists Oluf and Kris Wold-Torne

Thorvald Erichsen

Relevance Score: 0.9394

 "Kristus i Emmaus" by Joachim Wtewael, an oil painting on wood panel showcasing a biblical scene with Jesus and three other figures gathered around a small table in a dimly lit room, with a focus on facial expressions and a warm, subdued color palette.

Kristus i Emmaus

Joachim Wtewael

Relevance Score: 0.9391

 "Madonna and Child" by Joos van Cleve, an oil painting on wood depicting the Virgin Mary in a blue and grey dress holding the infant Jesus, with a rich green curtain to the left and a window showing a distant landscape to the right.

Madonna and Child

Joos van Cleve

Relevance Score: 0.9391

 Oil painting on canvas by Vincent Stoltenberg Lerche depicting an old man sitting at a wooden table in a rustic interior space with earthy tones and sunlight filtering through an open door.


Vincent Stoltenberg Lerche

Relevance Score: 0.9390

 Oil painting by Harriet Backer depicting a serene moment inside a wooden cabin with two individuals seated at a central table. The warm hues of the wooden interior blend with red and dark attire of the figures, highlighted subtly by natural light streaming through a window, capturing a sense of stillness and intimate daily life.

The Old Cottage at Kolbotn, Hulda and Arne Garborg's Home

Harriet Backer

Relevance Score: 0.9390

 An oil painting on canvas by Bernhard Folkestad depicting a woman sitting beside a window in a muted-color room, with a terracotta pot of flowers and a white vase on the windowsill, bathed in soft, natural light.

From the Studio

Bernhard Folkestad

Relevance Score: 0.9390