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 "Jerome I," a color woodcut fine art piece by Frans Widerberg on paper, depicting a dynamic figure in a contorted pose lying on a textured ground, with a burst of radiance behind, rendered in shades of brown, black, and white.

Jerome I

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 1.0000

 "Hieronymus I" by Frans Widerberg, a monochromatic woodcut on paper featuring an abstracted figure in a dynamic interior space, with expressive lines and a sun-like form casting dramatic shadows.

Hieronymus I

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9663

 "The Painter" by Frans Widerberg, an abstract fine art color woodcut print on paper, depicting a scene with warm earthy tones and a luminous blue sky, featuring central vertical and horizontal strokes that suggest tree or figure-like forms amid a textured landscape.

The Painter

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9602

 "Uten tittel" by Frans Widerberg. A color lithograph on paper featuring a central, abstract figure in vibrant oranges and blues, surrounded by whimsical geometric shapes and green swirls, creating an energetic, dreamlike composition.

Uten tittel

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9529

 "St. Jerome," an oil painting on wood by the workshop of Pieter

St. Jerome

Coecke van Aelst, Pieter, hans verksted

Relevance Score: 0.9521

 "Self Portrait" by Johs Rian is a colored woodcut on paper featuring an abstracted face mostly in black and white, with red dots and smudges creating contrast, conveying a contemplative and emotional expression.

Self Portrait

Johs Rian

Relevance Score: 0.9516

 Abstract color lithograph by Frans Widerberg titled "Uten tittel," depicting two green stylized animal figures against a backdrop of vivid blue sky and warm yellow and orange landscape, capturing a vibrant and dreamlike scene.

Uten tittel

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9514

 "Danserinnen" by Frans Widerberg, a monochromatic woodcut on paper featuring an abstract, expressive depiction of a dancer with swirling lines and textures in black ink on white paper, conveying movement and energy.


Relevance Score: 0.9491

 "Messenger" by Frans Widerberg is a color lithograph on paper featuring an abstract figure with outstretched arms set against a textured background of varying shades of blue, conveying a sense of depth and ethereal mystery.


Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9481

 Hand-colored woodcut on paper titled "Mann fra Telemark" by Johs Rian, showing an abstract, linear depiction of an older man's face and upper torso with heavy shadowing, executed primarily in shades of black, sepia, and grey on a textured, aged paper background.

Mann fra Telemark

Johs Rian

Relevance Score: 0.9478

 An oil painting by Gert Jynge on canvas, depicting an abstract, geometrically-styled seated figure in blue, against a backdrop of teal, green, and orange angular shapes, with a Cubism influence, suggesting contemplation.

A Farmer

Gert Jynge

Relevance Score: 0.9470

 "Fri i rommet," a monochromatic drypoint print on paper by Arne Bendik Sjur, showing a three-dimensional box-like space with textured walls and a reflective floor. In the center sits a small, doll-like figure, creating a focal point within the otherwise vacant room.

Fri i rommet

Arne Bendik Sjur

Relevance Score: 0.9467

 Black and white woodcut print by Marianne Blankenberg titled "Untitled," featuring a dense black field with vertical white streaks resembling natural forms against an off-white paper background.


Marianne Blankenberg

Relevance Score: 0.9462

 "Composition in Red" by Ludvig Eikaas, an abstract colored woodcut on paper with a predominantly black background featuring textures and patterns, a vertical red stripe, and a central abstract form with segments of red, pink, green, and black.

Composition in red

Ludvig Eikaas

Relevance Score: 0.9462

 "Angel of Fate" by Frans Widerberg, a woodcut print on paper, displaying an angel with swirling dynamic wings dominating the upper portion of the artwork, a deep contrast of black and white creating texture and movement, and two distinct figures at the lower part, all rendered in a monochromatic palette.

Angel of Fate

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9456

 An abstract color lithography on paper by artist Rolf Nesch depicting a dense cluster of expressive, mask-like faces in deep blues and purples with highlights of white and subtle green. The figures are tightly packed, conveying a vivid sense of emotion or interaction.


Rolf Nesch

Relevance Score: 0.9455

 "The Vision of St. Jerome" by Jusepe de Ribera, a Baroque painting depicting an elderly St. Jerome gazing upward with an expression of religious fervor. He is shirtless with a red cloak around his waist, white hair and beard, captured in a dark setting with dramatic lighting.

The Vision of St. Jerome

Relevance Score: 0.9454

 "Peacocks II," a fine art colored woodcut by Frans Widerberg on paper, featuring stylized white peacocks in the foreground with a solitary figure on the right amidst a moody background of dark grays, blacks, and contrasting warm oranges and yellows.

Peacocks II

Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9454

 "Frieriet" by Johs Rian, an abstract colored woodcut on paper, featuring fluid forms in earthy hues with two characters possibly engaged in a courtship scenario against a stylized backdrop.


Johs Rian

Relevance Score: 0.9448

 "Mannshode" by Nikolai Astrup, a woodcut print on paper, featuring abstract black shapes on a creamy beige background, resembling a serene face and a possibly bent limb or wing, with an overall mystic and dreamlike visual character.


Nikolai Astrup

Relevance Score: 0.9448

 "Peacocks" by Frans Widerberg—a fine art colored woodcut on paper showing a group of colorful peacocks in various postures, with a solitary figure in blue amidst a dreamlike background of muted greens, yellows, and reds.


Frans Widerberg

Relevance Score: 0.9448

 "Maler med furtende modell" by Atelier Crommelynck, a line etching on paper depicting a semi-naked female figure standing beside a patterned figure of a painter with a palette and brush, portrayed in monochromatic shades.

Maler med furtende modell

Relevance Score: 0.9447

 A black and white woodcut print by Niclas Gulbrandsen titled "And after a little while He saw one whose face and raiment were painted..." showing two stylized figures, one with a pronounced face and decorated clothing, in an interior setting suggested by minimal background lines.

"And after a little while He saw one whose face and raiment were painted..."

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9447

 An oil painting on canvas by Jens Ferdinand Willumsen showing a lively scene with three figures on a red, desert-like ground. The central figure in white, highlighted by a red headwrap, appears dynamically in motion. To the right, another person sits on the ground in a resting pose. Background structures in soft earth tones under a sky transitioning from deep to light blue suggest a serene village setting. The interplay of warm reds and yellows

Men at a spring

Jens Ferdinand Willumsen

Relevance Score: 0.9447

 "Studie til polykrom skulptur" by Ramon Isern, an abstract visual art piece featuring a dark brown background with an assembly of sharp geometric shapes primarily in black, with highlights of red, gold-yellow, and soft grey, created with gouache on board.

Studie til polykrom skulptur

Ramon Isern

Relevance Score: 0.9446

 "Monument" by Else Hagen, a fine art silk screen print on paper, featuring lightly outlined human figures gazing at a large circular form above, with a backdrop of blue and gold geometric patterns and shapes.


Else Hagen

Relevance Score: 0.9446

 An abstract black and white etching by Ludvig Eikaas titled "I", featuring uniform horizontal lines across the image and contrasting abstract curvilinear shapes overlaying these lines, all on a white paper background.


Ludvig Eikaas

Relevance Score: 0.9446

 A drypoint print on paper by Arne Bendik Sjur, titled 'Tittelbilde,' featuring a human profile at the top, handwritten text in the middle, and a centered circular frame with an emblematic figure, all executed in a monochrome palette of black, gray, and white.


Arne Bendik Sjur

Relevance Score: 0.9442

 Abstract art by Per Kleiva titled "Uten tittel," featuring a central circular motif filled with a mosaic of soft blues, greens, and turquoises, surrounded by irregular patches of orange and red on a creamy white background, created using fargetresnitt on paper.

(Uten tittel)

Per Kleiva

Relevance Score: 0.9442

 A fine art woodcut print titled "Er det noen der?" by Niclas Gulbrandsen, showcasing an abstract, possibly architectural form with sharp lines against a dark background, creating a play of light and shadow in black and white tones.

Er det noen der?

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9441