Finding the right resolution for image analysis

(By Tord Nilsen, Senior Advisor National Museum Norway) In our Semantic Search prototype, we have experienced some issues where the OpenAI GPT-4 Vision API sometimes will misinterpret images with low resolution. To avoid higher API costs than necessary, we have been sending images with a resolution of 256×256 pixels, but have observed that the API… Continue reading Finding the right resolution for image analysis

Semantic search in an online collection

We are prototyping a new semantic search feature for Nasjonalmuseet’s online collection. This search method focuses on context and meaning within the image, and offers a different approach to exploring the objects in our collection from the conventional method of matching the user’s query against terms in our collection management system. In this prototyping stage… Continue reading Semantic search in an online collection

Nasjonalmuseets API

We are excited to annonce our APIĀ  which provides faster and more comprehensive access to our collection. The API design is packed with features intended to make the use of our collection delightful. We are rapidly developing new features for example usage of a IIIF imageserver with manifests etc Read more about our API and… Continue reading Nasjonalmuseets API

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