Nasjonalmuseets API

We are excited to annonce our APIĀ  which provides faster and more comprehensive access to our collection. The API design is packed with features intended to make the use of our collection delightful.

We are rapidly developing new features for example usage of a IIIF imageserver with manifests etc

Read more about our API and documentation on our API pages

Want to read how er made it? Under the hood


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By Tord Nilsen

Hello, I'm Tord Nilsen, currently serving as a Senior Advisor at Nasjonalmuseet with a focus on digital innovation and artificial intelligence (AI). My professional journey is a tapestry woven with strands of coding, design, and a profound understanding of human behavior, nurtured during my time as a personal assistant. I am deeply passionate about merging technology with empathy to transform the way we experience cultural heritage. At Nasjonalmuseet, I lead initiatives that leverage AI to make our museum collections more accessible and engaging. I'm particularly involved in developing open APIs and creating digital experiences that are centered around the user. My role is not just about preserving our cultural legacy; it's about bringing it to life in the digital realm, ensuring that it resonates with and is accessible to everyone.

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