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 Monochromatic sugar aquatint print titled "Kjærlighet til tjenestepiken" by Pablo Picasso, featuring two abstract figures in a close, intimate exchange with broad strokes of black and gray on a white background, accentuating an emotional moment between the characters.

Kjærlighet til tjenestepiken

Pablo Picasso

 "Ett drömspel" by Lena Cronqvist, a lithograph on paper showing an expressive scene with a kissing couple, the man in a white tank top and the woman in a yellow dress, in front of a large cross, with a sorrowful figure to the left and a dramatic black and grey background.

Ett drömspel. No 21

Lena Cronqvist

 "Kysset" by Karl Erik Nilsen, a woodcut print on paper depicting two stylized figures in high-contrast black and white, engaged in an intimate kiss. The artwork captures the essence of the moment through simplified forms, contrasting shades, and textured surfaces.


Karl Erik Nilsen

 "Gustava, ung finsk jente fra Uleåborg" by Sébastien-Charles Giraud, lithograph on paper showing a young woman in traditional Finnish clothing from the 19th century. Her contemplative expression is framed by a dark headscarf, and the artwork features a monochromatic color palette with shades of brown on an off-white paper.

Gustava, ung finsk jente fra Uleåborg

 Monochromatic woodcut on paper titled "Victoria omfavner Johannes" by Håkon Stenstadvold, depicting a man and woman in a close embrace against a tall arched window, illuminated by light, with emphasis on the intimacy and dynamic movement suggested by their entwined forms.

Victoria omfavner Johannes

Håkon Stenstadvold

 "Attraction II" by Edvard Munch, an etching on paper showing two stylized faces close together in a sepia tone, with one face looking directly at the other, which is gazing back with intensity. The artwork has a subdued palette and conveys a strong emotional connection between the figures through expressive lines and shading.

Attraction II

Edvard Munch

 "Daggry" by Erik Harry Johannessen is a fine art painting showing two figures in dark, expressive strokes against a backdrop of a twilight sky with vivid shades of peach, pink, crimson, and violet. The figures are depicted in an intimate setting, suggesting a moment of deep reflection or connection as the early morning light begins to infiltrate the dark interior.


Erik Harry Johannessen

 Men's black polyester jacket by L-Fashion Group OY/Rukka, with quilted sleeves and a full-length zipper, displayed on a mannequin torso against a neutral background.


 "Lovers" by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, a black and white tresnitt (woodcut print) on paper, depicting abstracted figures in a close embrace with stark contrasts and expressionist lines.


Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

 Historical lithograph by Sébastien-Charles Giraud depicting a gathering of Sami people and the Nordic Commission in Lupsakoppi, Finnmark on September 8, 1839. The monochrome image shows a group around a fire with a traditional Sami tent in the background, reindeer nearby, and a vast Arctic landscape under a dramatic sky.

Nordkommisjonens stopp blant flyttsamer i Lupsakoppi, Finnmark den 8. september 1839

 "The Kiss" by Edvard Munch, a black and white expressionistic etching on paper portraying two figures in a tight embrace, kissing, with a stylized indistinct background suggesting a night scene with illuminated windows.

The Kiss

Edvard Munch

 A black and white etching titled "Rafael og La Fornarina IX: Paven kommer" by Pablo Picasso, featuring two figures in an intimate embrace with minimal surrounding detail, exemplifying Picasso's line-based style with expressive, confident strokes on paper.

Rafael og La Fornarina IX: Paven kommer

Pablo Picasso

 "Jealousy II" by Edvard Munch is a litograph on thick wove paper, depicting an intense scene with a dark-clad man staring out in jealousy at a woman in white who is standing close to another man, with shadowy figures in the background, echoing themes of love and rivalry.

Jealousy II

Edvard Munch

 A composite image of two etchings by artist Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand. On the left, a tranquil river landscape named "Kyrönjoki" with a soft skyline and gentle water ripples. On the right, a cozy interior scene titled "pörte," depicting a group of people in a rustic cabin, lit by the

Kyrönjoki; pörte

 Monochrome etching titled "Rafael og La Fornarina II: Med en skjult kikker" by Pablo Picasso, depicting an abstract interpretation of an intimate scene between Raphael and La Fornarina with an implication of a hidden observer, rendered in a delicate interplay of lines on paper.

Rafael og La Fornarina II: Med en skjult kikker

Pablo Picasso

 "Ola og Gunvor, Hjartdal" by Johs Rian, a woodcut print on paper showing two stylized figures in black with pronounced features set against a vibrant red and white vertically striated background, evoking a sense of intensity and traditional character.

Ola og Gunvor, Hjartdal

Johs Rian

 Black-and-white print "Ung kvinne med gammel ektemann. I hagen i det fjerne den ridende elskeren" by Pablo Picasso, depicting an abstract scene with contrasting dark and light shapes on paper, showcasing Picasso's distinctive abstract style in monochrome.

Ung kvinne med gammel ektemann. I hagen i det fjerne den ridende elskeren

Pablo Picasso

 An old master-style portrait of a bearded man with a reddish-brown hair and serious expression, wearing a dark brown cloak and an elaborate white ruff, with his hand resting on a table with a red and gold embroidered cloth. Artist unknown, Dutch.


Uidentifisert, hollandsk

 "Ett drömspel No 2" by Lena Cronqvist is a black and white lithograph featuring two featureless figures; an adult and a child holding hands, with the child carrying a toy dog on a leash, all against a solid black background.

Ett drömspel. No 2

Lena Cronqvist

 "Ein vakker dag" by Per Kleiva, a color silkscreen showing a side-by-side comparison of a monochromatic statue's arm and torso against a vibrant scene of bright yellow flowers amidst green foliage.

Ein vakker dag

Per Kleiva

 "Folkekongen," an oil painting on canvas by Lena Trydal, depicting a whimsical family portrait with seven diverse characters, featuring a mix of casual clothing and ceremonial attire, set against a checkered floor and a red drape backdrop.


Lena Trydal

 Black and white etching by Pablo Picasso titled "Ung kvinne i sengen, koblersken og en herre," displaying an expressive sketch of a reclining woman adorned with a large accessory on her head, a cloaked figure beside her, and a subtle gentleman to the right, composed with dynamic lines and stark contrasts between light and dark.

Ung kvinne i sengen, koblersken og en herre

Pablo Picasso

 "Fiskelykke" by Niclas Gulbrandsen – A black and white woodcut print on paper, depicting a person in a bent position attending to a fish lying on the ground, set against a background with vertical textured lines, suggesting an outdoor setting with tall grass.


Niclas Gulbrandsen

 A black and white woodcut print titled "Misunnelse" by Niclas Gulbrandsen, featuring four abstract figures with pronounced facial expressions and vertical lines in the background, evoking a deep sense of emotion and atmosphere.


Niclas Gulbrandsen

 "The Kiss" by Edvard Munch, an oil on canvas painting showcasing a solitary figure in deep blue tones, enveloped in an aura of contemplation and melancholy within a dimly lit room painted in harmonious blues and greens.

The Kiss

Edvard Munch

 Monochromatic woodcut print on paper by Håkon Stenstadvold titled "Johannes hilser på den unge slottsfruen," depicting a man bowing to a young woman standing on a checkered floor, conveying a historical and formal exchange with a dominant use of black and white to create contrast and focus on the subjects' interaction.

Johannes hilser på den unge slottsfruen

Håkon Stenstadvold

 "Mann og kvinne" by Håkon Stenstadvold, a black and white woodcut print on paper depicting a man viewed from behind reading a book, and a woman with simplified features facing the viewer, set against a patterned background that suggests intimacy and contemplation.

Mann og kvinne

Håkon Stenstadvold

 "Love, and you will be happy," a monochromatic woodcut print by Paul Gauguin, featuring a contemplative center figure surrounded by simplistic child-like figures, a partially clad figure to the right, and ethereal faces and figures against a swirling plant backdrop on tan paper.

Love, and you will be happy

Paul Gauguin

 "En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn" by Kristian Zahrtmann, an oil painting of a mother seated beside a bed, gently rocking her baby in a wicker basket. She is dressed in a cream blouse and pale blue skirt with a dark apron, in a room filled with warm brown tones.

En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn

Kristian Zahrtmann

 Etching on paper by Lena Cronqvist titled "Pike med rundkolbe nr. 4" depicting a simple black and white scene of a young girl holding a large round-bottomed flask, with stark contrast and minimal background detail, emphasizing the interaction between the child and the object.

Pike med rundkolbe nr. 4

Lena Cronqvist