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 "The Merchant´s Daughter" by Rolf Nesch, a drypoint and colored aquatint on paper depicting the stylized figure of a young woman in a blue coat amidst abstract swirling patterns suggestive of wind, in muted tones of blue, white, and beige on cream paper.

The Merchant´s Daughter

Rolf Nesch

 "Kvinne under blomstrende plommetrær" by Toyonuni features an intricate color woodblock print of a Japanese woman in a red floral kimono standing under white blossoming plum trees, with a gradation of blue to white in the sky.

Kvinne under blomstrende plommetrær


 "The Woman and Her Children" by Rolf Nesch - a fine art print on paper depicting a mother in gray and beige tones with a touch of yellow on her apron, holding an infant and with a toddler by her side, rendered with cold needle and colored aquatint techniques.

The Woman and Her Children

Rolf Nesch

 "Portrett av datteren Inger," an impressionist-style oil painting by Julius Paulsen on canvas, showcasing a young woman in a green dress looking to the left in a room with muted earthy tones.

Portrett av datteren Inger

Julius Paulsen

 A traditional Japanese woodblock print by Jukôdô Yoshikuni titled 'Arashi Koroku in the role of the sake seller's daughter Omiwa'. The artwork features a seated female figure in a richly patterned red kimono with floral motifs, situated in an interior setting with pale wooden floors and dark wooden architecture visible on the top left. The woman's hair is styled in

Arashi Koroku i rollen som sakeselgerens datter Omiwa

Jukôdô Yoshikuni

 "Vakker kvinne og barn med en drage" by Totoya Hokkei is a color woodblock print on paper featuring a traditional Japanese scene with a woman in a dark blue kimono and a child in green and red attire, both fixated on a vibrant green dragon motif, set against a muted background with faint plant outlines and Japanese script in the corner.

Vakker kvinne og barn med en drage

Totoya Hokkei

 "Mor og barn," a black and white woodcut print by Inggard Rosseland, depicting a loving mother seated and holding her child close, amidst a background of textured lines suggesting an interior setting.

Mor og barn

Inggard Rosseland

 "Jente ved vindu," a black and white linocut print by artist Georg Schrimpf, depicting a stylized female figure sitting by a window, reflecting or daydreaming, with a small plant on the sill and an urban backdrop suggested by geometric shapes representing buildings.

Jente ved vindu

Georg Schrimpf

 The bridal gown "H.M. Dronning Sonjas brudekjole" by Molstad & Co is an elegant, ivory silk wedding dress with full-length sleeves, a full skirt with a long train, and a headpiece with an attached veil. It is adorned with shimmering embroideries of glass beads, artificial pearls, and fabric flowers. The gown encapsulates a classic and regal magnificence.

H.M. Dronning Sonjas brudekjole

 "Mor, hvorfor holder du meg så fast? III" by Arne Bendik Sjur, a black and white drypoint on paper. It depicts two children peering over a wooden barrier; one appears distressed and shouting while the other holds a stuffed animal and seems content. The background consists of horizontal lines suggesting an indoor setting.

Mor, hvorfor holder du meg så fast? III

Arne Bendik Sjur

 A porcelain figurine of a woman in a traditional dress with a floral pattern, standing gracefully with a raised hand and wearing a black headscarf that covers her face, set against a plain grey background.


 "En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn" by Kristian Zahrtmann, an oil painting of a mother seated beside a bed, gently rocking her baby in a wicker basket. She is dressed in a cream blouse and pale blue skirt with a dark apron, in a room filled with warm brown tones.

En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn

Kristian Zahrtmann

 "The Widow and her Child" by Amalie Lindegren - A 19th-century oil painting on canvas depicting a seated woman in a dark green dress and terracotta red headscarf, holding a sleeping child wearing white. The background is dark with a muted lighting focused on the subjects.

The Widow and her Child

Amalie Lindegren

 "Mor og barn" by Inggard Rosseland, a woodcut print on paper featuring a black and white image of a mother seated, holding a child close to her. The artwork employs expressive lines and stark contrasts, capturing the emotional bond of the figures depicted.

Mor og barn

Inggard Rosseland

 "Mother and Child" by Quiringh van Brekelenkam is a painting of a seated woman in a white head covering, orange bodice, and red skirt holding a swaddled baby in her arms, next to a wicker cradle with a dark cloth, all against a dark brown background.

Mother and Child

Quiringh van Brekelenkam

 "Erik Menveds dronning Ingeborg sørger ved sitt siste barns lik" by Kristian Zahrtmann is an oil on canvas painting capturing a royal woman in a yellow blouse and green skirt, seated, looking upwards with sorrowful eyes, hands on her chest, with a bouquet of violet flowers in her lap and the obscured form of a lifeless

Erik Menveds dronning Ingeborg sørger ved sitt siste barns lik

Kristian Zahrtmann

 A porcelain figurine depicting a young woman in 18th-century attire, holding a flower basket, with intricate floral detail on her dress and an elaborate hairstyle, presented in a glossy white finish.


 A porcelain figurine of an elegant 18th-century woman with a yellow and red floral dress, holding a small white dog and surrounded by flowers and additional dogs on a green grass-like base.


 Black and white etching titled "Mor, hvorfor holder du meg så fast? IV" by Arne Bendik Sjur featuring two side-by-side panels; to the left, a distressed baby crying in a wooden crate, and to the right, a smirking child hugging a doll inside a similar crate, all rendered with dramatic light and shadow contrasts.

Mor, hvorfor holder du meg så fast? IV

Arne Bendik Sjur

 Etching on paper by Lena Cronqvist titled "Pike med rundkolbe nr. 4" depicting a simple black and white scene of a young girl holding a large round-bottomed flask, with stark contrast and minimal background detail, emphasizing the interaction between the child and the object.

Pike med rundkolbe nr. 4

Lena Cronqvist

 A porcelain figurine of a young woman in historical attire holding a basket, with a white and purple dress, pink headband, and standing on a base painted like grass.


 "Portrett av en bestemor" by Georg Jacobsen, a painting of an elderly woman dressed in a dark dress with a white collar, seated and holding knitting in a room with warm tones, featuring a doll in a chair and an open book on the floor.

Portrett av en bestemor

Georg Jacobsen

 Oil painting by Halfdan Strøm on canvas depicting a young girl in a white dress with blue floral patterns standing in center; her hair in braids with red ribbons, wearing a matching red-bowed hat and dark boots, set against an impressionistic backdrop of green foliage with hints of blue, white, and yellow flowers.

The Artist's Daughter Mox at fourteen

Halfdan Strøm

 Porcelain figurine of a traditional Japanese woman in a floral kimono with a pink obi sash, standing on a base resembling a grassy mound with flowers.


 A figurine of a woman with a serene expression, wearing a burnt orange blouse, dotted white skirt, holding a mustard yellow shawl, standing on a green base.


 "Bebudelsen," a copperplate engraving on paper by Marcantonio Raimondi, depicts the Annunciation scene with the angel Gabriel on the left with extended hand and wings, and the Virgin Mary seated on the right with an open book, set within a classical architectural interior framed by a vaulted ceiling.


Marcantonio Raimondi

 Color lithograph "La petite blanchisseuse" by Pierre Bonnard depicting a young girl in black clothing with white details, viewed from behind, on a street with a warm red wall and clothesline above, and a ground speckled with light spots under a soft blue sky.

La petite blanchisseuse

Pierre Bonnard

 "Portrett av ung kvinne" by an unidentified Danish-Norwegian artist, a fine art oil on canvas, depicting a serene young woman from the 17th century with pale skin, a subtle smile, wearing a dark dress and a broad starched white collar, against a dark brown background.

Portrett av ung kvinne

Uidentifisert, dansk-norsk

 "Unhappy mother!" by Francisco de Goya is an etching featuring a distraught woman reaching out toward a child while another woman holds her back; to the side, a man walks away, and the scene is set against a minimalistic backdrop with sepia tones.

Unhappy mother!

Francisco de Goya

 A white porcelain figurine titled "Våren," depicting a young woman in flowing robes holding a bouquet of flowers, embodies the essence of spring with a serene expression.