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 "Erik Menveds dronning Ingeborg sørger ved sitt siste barns lik" by Kristian Zahrtmann is an oil on canvas painting capturing a royal woman in a yellow blouse and green skirt, seated, looking upwards with sorrowful eyes, hands on her chest, with a bouquet of violet flowers in her lap and the obscured form of a lifeless

Erik Menveds dronning Ingeborg sørger ved sitt siste barns lik

Kristian Zahrtmann

Relevance Score: 1.0000

 "Portrett av datteren Inger," an impressionist-style oil painting by Julius Paulsen on canvas, showcasing a young woman in a green dress looking to the left in a room with muted earthy tones.

Portrett av datteren Inger

Julius Paulsen

Relevance Score: 0.9551

 "Portrait of Mrs. Ingeborg Møinichen, née Røring" by Matthias Stoltenberg, an oil painting featuring a woman with pale complexion and rosy

Portrait of Mrs. Ingeborg Møinichen, b. Røring

Matthias Stoltenberg

Relevance Score: 0.9528

 "The Widow and her Child" by Amalie Lindegren - A 19th-century oil painting on canvas depicting a seated woman in a dark green dress and terracotta red headscarf, holding a sleeping child wearing white. The background is dark with a muted lighting focused on the subjects.

The Widow and her Child

Amalie Lindegren

Relevance Score: 0.9505

 "Folkekongen," an oil painting on canvas by Lena Trydal, depicting a whimsical family portrait with seven diverse characters, featuring a mix of casual clothing and ceremonial attire, set against a checkered floor and a red drape backdrop.


Lena Trydal

Relevance Score: 0.9499

 "Portrett av en bestemor" by Georg Jacobsen, a painting of an elderly woman dressed in a dark dress with a white collar, seated and holding knitting in a room with warm tones, featuring a doll in a chair and an open book on the floor.

Portrett av en bestemor

Georg Jacobsen

Relevance Score: 0.9497

 "En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn" by Kristian Zahrtmann, an oil painting of a mother seated beside a bed, gently rocking her baby in a wicker basket. She is dressed in a cream blouse and pale blue skirt with a dark apron, in a room filled with warm brown tones.

En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn

Kristian Zahrtmann

Relevance Score: 0.9492

 "Portrett av ung kvinne" by an unidentified Danish-Norwegian artist, a fine art oil on canvas, depicting a serene young woman from the 17th century with pale skin, a subtle smile, wearing a dark dress and a broad starched white collar, against a dark brown background.

Portrett av ung kvinne

Uidentifisert, dansk-norsk

Relevance Score: 0.9490

 "Reflection or Sadness" by Henrik Sørensen, an oil painting on canvas showing a woman in deep thought, her hand supporting her head, with a colorful scarf and patterned garment, set against a textured green background.


Henrik Sørensen

Relevance Score: 0.9489

 "Inger Munch in Black" is an oil painting by Edvard Munch, portraying a woman dressed in black standing against a dark background. The woman's pale face and solemn expression are illuminated amidst the subdued color palette, highlighting her introspective presence.

Inger Munch in Black

Edvard Munch

Relevance Score: 0.9484

 Monochromatic oil painting by Wilhelm Peters titled "Illustrasjon til diktet 'Drømmesyn' i Henrik Wergeland, Den engelske lods" featuring a bearded man standing to the right in seafaring attire with a group of women in modest dresses seated to his left, against a backdrop of soft lighting and shadowy figures, all rendered in shades of grey on canvas.

Illustrasjon til diktet "Drømmesyn" i Henrik Wergeland, Den engelske lods

Wilhelm Peters

Relevance Score: 0.9477

 "Etter en våkenatt" by Jacob Bratland, an oil on canvas painting, capturing a moment of quiet concern with a figure seated beside a child's bed in muted, somber colors, featuring a lamp with a warm glow and a blue and white vase on a round table.

Etter en våkenatt

Jacob Bratland

Relevance Score: 0.9474

 "Portrait of the Artist Ragnhild (Lalla) Hvalstad" by Thorvald Erichsen, an oil painting showing a woman in profile with subdued tones and a floral background, exuding a serene and contemplative aura.

Portrait of the Artist Ragnhild (Lalla) Hvalstad

Thorvald Erichsen

Relevance Score: 0.9473

 Oil on canvas painting by Christian Krohg depicting a young adult in a dark greenish-gray jacket and burgundy scarf asleep with their head on a bed next to a red cradle, where a small child wrapped in a pink blanket is also sleeping. The background is muted with faded tones, emphasizing the warm, intimate moment between the two figures.

Mother and Child

Christian Krohg

Relevance Score: 0.9469

 "Portrait of Dagny Kiær" by Peter Nicolai Arbo, an oil on canvas painting depicting a young girl in a dark dress with contemplative brown eyes and long, light brown hair against a dark brown background.

Portrait of Dagny Kiær

Peter Nicolai Arbo

Relevance Score: 0.9469

 A painting titled "Kunstneren Ragnhild (Lalla) Hvalstad" by Kris Torne, featuring a serene, seated woman in a long white robe against a dark, textured background with red and brown tones. The woman has a thoughtful expression and her attire contrasts sharply with the warm, darker colors of the setting.

Kunstneren Ragnhild (Lalla) Hvalstad

Kris Torne

Relevance Score: 0.9465

 An expressive oil painting on canvas by artist Henrik Sørensen, featuring a woman in a blue and white striped dress standing in a room with abstract blue and white background elements, capturing a reflective mood with bold brushwork.

Gudrun at the Door

Henrik Sørensen

Relevance Score: 0.9465

 An impressionistic oil painting on canvas by Thorvald Erichsen depicting a seated woman in a brown top and dark skirt on a red chair with a green backrest. Warm sunlight filters onto the left side of the canvas, while cooler green and blue hues suggest shadow on the right, revealing a vibrantly textured domestic scene.

Seated Woman in an Interior

Thorvald Erichsen

Relevance Score: 0.9465

 "Mother and Child" by Quiringh van Brekelenkam is a painting of a seated woman in a white head covering, orange bodice, and red skirt holding a swaddled baby in her arms, next to a wicker cradle with a dark cloth, all against a dark brown background.

Mother and Child

Quiringh van Brekelenkam

Relevance Score: 0.9465

 Oil painting on canvas by Signe Scheel depicting a female figure standing against a dark background. She is gazing directly at the viewer with modesty, covering her bare chest with her arms. She wears a silvery-gray draped skirt, highlighting the delicate rendering of light and shadow on her form.


Signe Scheel

Relevance Score: 0.9464

 "Portrett av Hulleborg Hielm, født Abel" by Anders Bergius, a classical oil portrait on canvas, featuring a woman with a high, ornate hairstyle and a regal red and gold embroidered dress against a dark background.

Portrett av Hulleborg Hielm, født Abel

Anders Bergius

Relevance Score: 0.9463

 A lithograph titled "At the Death Bed" by Nils Christian Tønsberg depicting a poignant scene with a group of solemn individuals gathered around an elderly person's deathbed in a 19th-century European household setting, characterized by muted colors and a somber atmosphere.

At the Death Bed

Relevance Score: 0.9458

 "Kvinneportrett" by Hedevig Thorine Christiane Lund, an oil on linen portrait of a reflective woman in a brown dress with a square neckline, standing against a background of a dusky sky with hints of trees.


Hedevig Thorine Christiane Lund

Relevance Score: 0.9457

 Oil on canvas painting by Eilif Peterssen depicting a group of people in historical attire, centered around a man in a large hat holding a chain, with others listening and engaging in conversation, rendered in earthy tones with a focus on facial expressions and details of clothing, suggesting a scene of dialogue or negotiation in a dimly lit indoor setting.

Christian II signing the Death Warrant of Torben Oxe

Eilif Peterssen

Relevance Score: 0.9456

 "Portrait of Elisabeth Geelmuyden Gyldenkrantz" by Mathias Blumenthal, a fine art oil painting on canvas, depicting a woman in an elaborate floral dress with a blue shawl, set against a muted green drapery background. She has an elegant hairstyle indicative of high social standing in the era.

Portrait of Elisabeth Geelmuyden Gyldenkrantz

Mathias Blumenthal

Relevance Score: 0.9454

 "Interior with Figures" by Thorvald Erichsen, an oil painting depicting a subdued interior scene with two indistinct figures, one by a desk with a green-shaded lamp and another seated figure in dark clothing. The color palette consists of muted earthy tones with highlights of green and a touch of cobalt blue.

Interior with the Artists Oluf and Kris Wold-Torne

Thorvald Erichsen

Relevance Score: 0.9451

 "Mor og barn" by Inggard Rosseland, a woodcut print on paper featuring a black and white image of a mother seated, holding a child close to her. The artwork employs expressive lines and stark contrasts, capturing the emotional bond of the figures depicted.

Mor og barn

Inggard Rosseland

Relevance Score: 0.9450

 "Illustrasjon til Henrik Wergeland, Den engelske lods" by Wilhelm Peters, a grayscale oil painting on paper depicting a dreamlike scene with a cluster of flowers at the center and two ethereal figures floating above, all rendered in soft, monochromatic tones.

Illustrasjon til Henrik Wergeland, Den engelske lods

Wilhelm Peters

Relevance Score: 0.9449

 An Edvard Munch oil painting on canvas, showcasing a woman in a white dress and a red shawl looking away into the distance, standing before a green tree and wooden bridge, with white cottages against a blue twilight sky.

The Girls on the Bridge

Edvard Munch

Relevance Score: 0.9448

 "Erik Valkendorf treffer Sigbrit Willums og Dyveke på Bergens torv i

Erik Valkendorf treffer Sigbrit Willums og Dyveke på Bergens torv i 1507

Eilif Peterssen

Relevance Score: 0.9447