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 An oval-shaped miniature portrait in a gold-toned frame featuring a fair-skinned woman with curly red hair, a white collar, and a coral necklace against a dark background.


Johan Friedrich Leonhard Dreier

Relevance Score: 1.0000

 An 18th-century style oval miniature portrait of an individual with a white curly wig and a lace cravat against a soft blue background, encircled by a decorative pearly bead frame.


Relevance Score: 0.9727

 A historically styled portrait of a person with a neutral expression, set within a golden circular frame on a dark rectangular background.



Relevance Score: 0.9691

 An oil painting on ivory from the Renaissance period by Rafael, featuring a woman in a red dress with a yellow shawl, a red head covering, seated in an interior space with a column in the background. The painting is set in a dark brown and gold frame with a label at the bottom.

Doña Isabel de Requesens, vicereine of Naples

Relevance Score: 0.9684

 Oval portrait of a young girl from a past era, featuring a pale pink dress with floral patterns, sheer lace shawl, and pink bows in her white powdered hair. Painted with oil on canvas, the artwork exudes a sense of grace and refinement against a dark brown background, attributed to an unknown artist.

Young Woman with a Fan

Ukjent kunstner

Relevance Score: 0.9656

 An oval-shaped oil painting on canvas by Jens Juel, depicting a portrait of a woman with fair skin, light-colored eyes, and light brown hair. She wears a white sheer scarf and a dark blue bodice accented with golden-brown drapery. The subject is set against a dark background, creating a focused and serene portrait with a natural and warm color palette.

Fru Anne Cathrine Arbo, f. Collett

Jens Juel

Relevance Score: 0.9628

 "Portrait of a Woman" by Signe Scheel, oil on canvas. A woman wearing a white blouse with a ruffled neckline and bow is painted against a neutral brown background. She has brown hair in an up-do and looks directly at the viewer with a composed expression. The painting combines realism with impressionistic brushwork.

Portrait of Valborg Nicolaysen, the Artist's Sister

Signe Scheel

Relevance Score: 0.9621

 "Portrait of a Woman" by Jan van Ravesteyn is an oil painting featuring a woman with a pale complexion and a serene expression, wearing a large white ruff collar and a black, gold-embroidered dress against a gradient dark gray background.

Portrait of a Woman

Jan van Ravesteyn

Relevance Score: 0.9620

 Oil on paper mounted on a wood fiber board by Johan Gørbitz, depicting a woman in a red headscarf and black shawl with a silver link necklace, against an impressionistic blue and white background.

Italian Woman

Johan Gørbitz

Relevance Score: 0.9601

 "Portrait of Elisabeth Geelmuyden Gyldenkrantz" by Mathias Blumenthal, a fine art oil painting on canvas, depicting a woman in an elaborate floral dress with a blue shawl, set against a muted green drapery background. She has an elegant hairstyle indicative of high social standing in the era.

Portrait of Elisabeth Geelmuyden Gyldenkrantz

Mathias Blumenthal

Relevance Score: 0.9594

 A historical figurine of a woman dressed in a pale yellow gown with a black lace shawl, against a plain light background. The figurine's hair is styled in an updo, and her facial features are delicately outlined. Artist name and title are unknown.

Porcelain doll


Relevance Score: 0.9588

 "Portrett av ung kvinne" by an unidentified Danish-Norwegian artist, a fine art oil on canvas, depicting a serene young woman from the 17th century with pale skin, a subtle smile, wearing a dark dress and a broad starched white collar, against a dark brown background.

Portrett av ung kvinne

Uidentifisert, dansk-norsk

Relevance Score: 0.9584

 A figurine of a woman with a serene expression, wearing a burnt orange blouse, dotted white skirt, holding a mustard yellow shawl, standing on a green base.


Relevance Score: 0.9584

 Oil painting titled "Portrait of a Woman" by Christen Købke, depicting a woman with pale skin, light-colored eyes, and light brown hair styled in side buns. She wears a dark brown dress with a white collar, set against a muted green background.

Portrait of a Woman

Christen Købke

Relevance Score: 0.9583

 A vintage gold-tone ring with an oval bezel containing a miniature painting of a woman in antique attire holding an urn, standing beside a column, surrounded by a black and golden patterned border.


Relevance Score: 0.9581

 An oval miniature portrait pendant featuring a male figure with shoulder-length powdered hair, dressed in a dark green jacket with a white cravat. The portrait is framed by a blue border accented with golden beads and an ornate gold edge, with a golden loop at the top for wearing as a necklace.



Relevance Score: 0.9579

 Portrait of a contemplative woman by Carl Ryd, executed in oil on wood, showcasing subtle shades of brown and green with a focus on the serene profile of the subject against an impressionistic background.


Carl Ryd

Relevance Score: 0.9569

 Oil painting on canvas by Signe Scheel depicting a female figure standing against a dark background. She is gazing directly at the viewer with modesty, covering her bare chest with her arms. She wears a silvery-gray draped skirt, highlighting the delicate rendering of light and shadow on her form.


Signe Scheel

Relevance Score: 0.9568

 Oil on wood panel portrait by Eilif Peterssen presenting a thoughtful person with light brown hair and glasses, dressed in dark formal attire against a dark brown background, evoking a contemplative mood.


Eilif Peterssen

Relevance Score: 0.9567

 Oil painting on paper by Adolph Tidemand mounted on wood fiber board, depicting a contemplative young woman seated and dressed in a traditional dark blue dress with a bright red headscarf. The neutral beige background complements the figure's serene expression and the realistic treatment of her attire.

Peasant Woman from Telemark

Adolph Tidemand

Relevance Score: 0.9566

 A porcelain figure of a woman in an 18th-century pink, green, and yellow dress, with a draped mauve garment, lifting the skirt to reveal layers underneath, standing next to a pedestal with a bowl of golden yellow flowers or fruit.


Relevance Score: 0.9561

 Artwork of a young girl with blonde hair in a blue and white grid-patterned dress, holding onto symmetrical branches with large red flowers, set against a beige background with a black border.

Dekorativ tekstil

Relevance Score: 0.9560

 An antique sculpture of a standing female figure with an elaborate high bun hairstyle, wearing a long draped dress, in muted shades of off-white and beige with subtle brown patterns, set against a plain white background.



Relevance Score: 0.9559

 "Portrait of a Young Woman" by Léon Tanzi, an oil on canvas painting depicting a thoughtful young woman looking to her right with a dark brownish-red background, her black hair tied back, wearing a dark blue garment with a light blue scarf.

Portrait of a Young Woman

Léon Tanzi

Relevance Score: 0.9558

 An antique miniature portrait of a gentleman with gray hair, wearing a dark blue coat, white shirt, and high-necked cravat, set within a gold circular frame mounted on a rectangular black plaque.



Relevance Score: 0.9555

 A porcelain figurine of a woman in a traditional dress with a floral pattern, standing gracefully with a raised hand and wearing a black headscarf that covers her face, set against a plain grey background.


Relevance Score: 0.9555

 Porcelain figurine of an 18th-century woman in a pale green and polka-dotted dress with a gold bowl and an ornate floral base, displaying intricate details and soft pastel colors.


Relevance Score: 0.9555

 A porcelain figurine of an elderly woman with a white bonnet adorned with blue floral patterns, wearing a yellowish-olive floral jacket with light purple accents, holding a matching purple pouch and a closed fan, all against a plain white background. Artist name and title are unknown.


Relevance Score: 0.9553

 A porcelain figurine of an 18th-century woman standing with


Relevance Score: 0.9552

 Oil on canvas portrait by Hans Heyerdahl depicting a man with pale skin and dark curly hair, wearing a dark high-necked garment with a light collar. He has dark, introspective eyes set within a serious expression. The background is dark, focusing attention on the subject.

Portrait of the Editor Ola Thommessen

Hans Heyerdahl

Relevance Score: 0.9551