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 Poster of "Lasse & Geir" by artist Marco Haakon Pannaggi, featuring side-by-side portraits of two young men with serious expressions against a dark blue to black gradient background, with the movie title in bold white letters and additional red text information below.

Lasse & Geir

Relevance Score: 1.0000

 Monochromatic lithographic portrait on paper by Sébastien-Charles Giraud titled "Lars Levi Læstadius," featuring a contemplative man in a high-collared shirt and dark coat, gazing slightly to the left with a serene expression.

Lars Levi Læstadius

Relevance Score: 0.9449

 Album cover for Trygve Hoff's "Bekved og Lørveblues" designed by Karl Erik Harr, featuring a detailed sepia illustration of a bearded man in profile surrounded by a skeleton, foliage, and a reclining figure, with the album title in bold lettering above.

Trygve Hoff - Bekved og Lørveblues

Relevance Score: 0.9439

 "Mardøla Blues", a silk screen print on paper by artist Egil Storeide, featuring a stylized landscape with a dark blue or black mountainous silhouette at the bottom, a light blue sky above, darker blue distant mountains, and three electrical poles with wires, with the title in bold white text across the bottom.

Mardøla Blues

Relevance Score: 0.9419

 Album cover for "The Aller Værste - Materialtretthet" by Art Aid. It features a stylized blue wave with a cartoon-like woman surfing depicted in the center. The title is written in red uppercase letters on a yellow block above, and the artist's name appears in small black text on white at the top of the surfing image. The color palette includes bright blue, yellow, red, and black.

The Aller Værste - Materialtretthet

Relevance Score: 0.9419

 A monochromatic lithograph by Sébastien-Charles Giraud titled "Anders Person fra Kautokeino" depicting a male with long, straight hair, wearing traditional attire with a fur-lined hood or collar. The portrait is executed in shades of white to black, emphasizing textures and a poignant gaze.

Anders Person fra Kautokeino

Relevance Score: 0.9412

 "Ola og Gunvor, Hjartdal" by Johs Rian, a woodcut print on paper showing two stylized figures in black with pronounced features set against a vibrant red and white vertically striated background, evoking a sense of intensity and traditional character.

Ola og Gunvor, Hjartdal

Johs Rian

Relevance Score: 0.9405

 A vintage graphic poster by Gunnar Tandberg for "Første Norske Radio: Landsutstilling" featuring stylized zigzagging motifs in yellow, red, and white over a dark sky, with a suited man and a horn speaker in a beam of light, and event details in white text.

Første Norske Radio: Landsutstilling

Gunnar Tandberg

Relevance Score: 0.9404

 Monochromatic etching titled "Gunnar S. Gundersen" by artist Ludvig Eikaas, depicting a stylized and abstract human head with pronounced etched lines and hatching on paper, displaying a contrast between light and shadow.

Gunnar S. Gundersen

Ludvig Eikaas

Relevance Score: 0.9404

 Graphic design by Øystein Dolmen titled "Knutsen & Ludvigsen," featuring two cartoon characters in white against a black background, one with a string instrument and the other with a small wind instrument, with text in Norwegian above and the Norwegian flag, all above the red title text on a white background.

Knutsen & Ludvigsen

Øystein Dolmen

Relevance Score: 0.9402

 Oil painting on canvas titled "Sorenskriver Jens Bertelsøn Leegaard" by an unidentified artist, depicting an older gentleman with shoulder-length curly hair, wearing a black robe with a broad lace collar, set against a dark background in an oval frame.

Sorenskriver Jens Bertelsøn Leegaard

Uidentifisert kunstner

Relevance Score: 0.9401

 A black and whiteColor black and white woodcut print by Ludvig Eikaas for a poster advertising an exhibition of tapestries by Synnøve Anker Aurdal, featuring abstract vertical lines and wavy horizontal patterns suggestive of textile design.

Poster for an exhibition of tapestries by Synnøve Anker Aurdal

Ludvig Eikaas

Relevance Score: 0.9398

 A chalk drawing on paper by Finn Krafft titled "Portrett av Lars Backer," consisting of a minimalistic side profile of a contemplative-looking man facing left, set against a warm, beige background.

Portrett av Lars Backer

Finn Krafft

Relevance Score: 0.9398

 Graphic design piece titled "Ketil Vea" by MADLA (Marie; Madla Papouskova) HRUZA, featuring layered horizontal stripes in shades of dark reds and browns with text overlays in red, cyan, and white, indicating names and titles related to the project, with a prominence on visual texture and color contrast.

Ketil Vea mfl.

MADLA (alt. navn Marie; Madla Papouskova) HRUZA

Relevance Score: 0.9394

 "Book cover designed by Arild Kristo for 'Partisan på forpost' featuring a close-up of a man's eyes in high-contrast black and white, with a bold purple title strip reading 'PARTISAN PÅ FORPOST' by Johan Vest, showcasing offset printing on paper."

Partisan på forpost

Relevance Score: 0.9390

 "Aase and Harald Nørregaard" by Edvard Munch, an oil painting on paperboard featuring a woman and a man in muted earth tones with introspective expressions against an indistinct, blending background.

Aase and Harald Nørregaard

Edvard Munch

Relevance Score: 0.9390

 Book cover design for "Sangen om den røde rubin" by Agnar Mykle, featuring a teal and white color scheme with vertical panels and a stylized profile illustration of a human face. Design by Aslak Gurholt.

Agnar Mykle, Sangen om den røde rubin

Relevance Score: 0.9389

 Graphic design for Steinar Fjeld's "Kos" by Lasse Jacobsen, featuring a profile of a man and rural farm elements in shades of green, with a stylized cow and pig in the foreground.

Steinar Fjeld-"Kos"

Relevance Score: 0.9388

 "Ode til Byen ved fjorden" by Lars Tiller, an abstract fine art print with a predominance of royal blue, featuring stylized geometric shapes and lines. Elements include a pale blue rectangle, teal vertical stripe, jagged black shapes at the bottom, aqua and crimson lines, a looping white line, a small black circle, and accents in bright orange and yellow at the edges. The

Ode til Byen ved fjorden

Lars Tiller

Relevance Score: 0.9388

 Woodcut print titled "Gunnar Heiberg" by Gustav Vigeland, showing a confidently posed, full-bodied man with his hands on his hips against a dark background, with contrastingly bright rendering of the figure and handwriting-like script at the bottom.

Gunnar Heiberg

Gustav Vigeland

Relevance Score: 0.9383

 "Lars Backer" by Per Krohg, an oil painting on canvas featuring a man in a cream vest, white shirt, and blue bowtie holding architectural plans, with a background of stylized windows and blue sky, reflecting the theme of architecture and design.

Lars Backer

Per Krohg

Relevance Score: 0.9382

 Oil painting "Gunnar Heiberg" by artist Henrik Lund, featuring the full-length portrait of a man standing with his body slightly turned right, dressed in dark formal attire with a white shirt and cravat, set against a loosely painted beige and olive background.

Gunnar Heiberg

Henrik Lund

Relevance Score: 0.9382

 A black and white woodcut print by Niclas Gulbrandsen titled "And He saw afar-off the walls of a round city and went towards the city," depicting a stylized figure draped in a cloak with a signpost in the background, rendered in expressive lines against a patterned backdrop suggesting rain or tall slim trees.

"And He saw afar-off the walls of a round city and went towards the city"

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9377

 "Axel og Ellen" by Niclas Gulbrandsen, a black and white woodcut print on paper featuring two closely positioned figures with their faces almost touching. The male figure to the left wears a hat and has a direct gaze, while the female figure to the right wears a snug hat and looks downward with a thoughtful expression. They both wear dark clothing, blending together against a stark white background.

Axel og Ellen

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9377

 Concert poster by Stein Are Kleivan for the Øyafestivalen Oslo 2010 featuring a vibrant yellow and black spotted roaring leopard with a chaotic red and black textured background, bold white text announces "IGGY AND THE STOOGES" and the date "11. AUGUST" in grungy fonts.

Øyafestivalen Oslo 2010

Stein Are Kleivan

Relevance Score: 0.9377

 Album cover for Egil Monn-Iversen's "Suite fra filmen «TONNY»" designed by Terje Kjær / Moltzau & co, Oslo, featuring a bright pink background with illustration of a grand piano and abstracted silhouetted figures, framed by relevant text in black and white.

Tonny-Egil Monn-Iversen

Relevance Score: 0.9375

 "Ønskedrømmen kan bli et mareritt" by Harald Damsleth, a color lithography on paper featuring a dramatic scene with a red banner at the top, military airplanes against a dark sky and a fiery explosion with silhouetted figures below, conveying a message about the horror of war.

Ønskedrømmen kan bli et mareritt

Harald Damsleth

Relevance Score: 0.9375

 A black and white woodcut print titled "Drømmen I" by artist Niclas Gulbrandsen, featuring two figures standing beside a horizontal fence, with expressive cloud-like forms in the background above them.

Drømmen I

Niclas Gulbrandsen

Relevance Score: 0.9374

 Oil painting on canvas titled "Borgermester Lars (Laurits) Ruus" by an unidentified Danish artist, featuring a portrait of a bearded man in dark attire with a white ruffled collar, standing with his right hand on his hip and his gaze directed to the left of the viewer, against a dark brown background.

Borgermester Lars (Laurits) Ruus

Uidentifisert, dansk

Relevance Score: 0.9373

 Lithograph by Sébastien-Charles Giraud titled "Jon Larsen Keino, norsk same, fører for Commission du Nord i Sameland," showing a Sami man in traditional clothing holding a pole and a strap, standing in a wintery Sameland landscape, rendered in soft beige and gray tones.

Jon Larsen Keino, norsk same, fører for Commission du Nord i Sameland

Relevance Score: 0.9373