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 A clear glass with a conical bowl, a spiral-designed stem, and a circular base, standing against a white background.

Wine glass

 An aged glass flask with a broad, rounded base and a short neck, featuring subtle green and off-white colors with hints of iridescence and textural marks indicative of antiquity, set against a plain background.



 A set of glass tableware designed by Tapio Wirkkala, featuring a textured pitcher and three matching glasses on a reflective surface against a white background, capturing light and showcasing detailed craftsmanship.

Wine glass

Tapio Wirkkala

 A clear glass cup with an etched floral design on a neutral background.


 A delicate wine glass with a faint green tint in the bowl stands against a light gray background, exuding simplicity and elegance.


 An empty, clear glass with a thickened rim stands against a white background, exemplifying simplicity and functionality in its design.


 A clear glass goblet with a broad, curved bowl and a sturdy stem resting on a flat base, against a white background.

Drinking glass

Hendricus Petrus Berlage

 An antique-looking, transparent glass with a conical bowl, a faceted stem, and a rounded base, featuring a detailed etched floral pattern, set against a soft white background.


 A transparent glass bottle or vase with intricate design features, including twisted handles, a sunburst pattern surrounding a central medallion, and a beaded texture on the lower part, set against a plain white background.


 An open folding fan with a tortoiseshell pattern in warm browns and ambers, displaying a rich, mottled appearance on a neutral background.


 A clear glass bowl with a simple and elegant design stands against a light background, showcasing its transparent material and clean lines.


 A tall, clear crystal glass with a slight purple tint, featuring a tapered design and a round base, set against a light gray background. The glass is empty and captures light, emphasizing its transparent and reflective quality. Artist and title are unknown.


 A transparent glass bowl with a simple design and smooth surface, standing on three small, round feet, set against a neutral background.


 A translucent, amber-colored statuette of a dignified figure in flowing robes stands on a dark base against a plain white background. The sculpture has an ethereal quality due to the play of light through its material.



 A clear glass goblet with a wide bowl and a short stem attached to a flat, disc-shaped foot, displayed against a light gray background.

Ale glass


 A clear glass tumbler with delicate metallic golden-bronze botanical inclusions against a light grey background.


 A teal-colored, translucent glass tumbler with a simple design, placed against a light grey background that transitions to a soft gradient near the base.


 A clear crystal goblet with a cut diamond pattern in the bowl and a decorative, multifaceted stem, set against a light grey background.

Champagne glass

 A clear, colorless, blown glass container with a conical shape and a flared opening, featuring a decorative ring at the neck, displayed against a white background. Artist is unknown.



 A transparent glass object with a unique mushroom-like shape, featuring a wide oval top and narrow base, with bubbles and speckles within the glass creating a dappled texture against a light grey background. Artist name and title are unknown.


Benny Motzfeldt

 A clear crystal bowl with scalloped edges and intricate cut glass designs sits on a light grey background. The bowl is oval-shaped and radiates with its reflective cuts and elegant details.


 A transparent goblet with intricate engravings stands on a graduated grey to white background, embodying classic elegance and skilled glass craftsmanship.


 A shallow, transparent greenish glass bowl with subtle vertical ridges on its sides, displayed against a light background.


 A transparent faceted glass on a reflective surface with a light grey background. Artist name and title are unknown.

Water glass


 A transparent glass perfume bottle with a curvy base and decorative stopper against a gray gradient background.


Vidar Koksvik

 A Jonas Bohlin-designed lamp with a skirt-shaped white tulle shade that softly diffuses light, suspended against a neutral background.


Jonas Bohlin

 A clear, cylindrical glass tumbler designed by Ingegerd Råman stands on a solid white background, showcasing the simplicity of Scandinavian blown glass tableware.

Drinking glass

Ingegerd Råman

 A clear cylindrical glass tumbler with horizontal ridges set against a light background, exemplifying handcrafted glassware with a textured design.

Ale glass

 A subtle gray-tinted transparent glass bowl with faint etchings, resting on a plain light gray background. Artist name and title are unknown.

Punch bowl

 A translucent blue-tinted glass bowl with an etched frosted design featuring swirls and stylized leaf patterns, set against a soft gradient gray background.