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 Woodcut print "April" by John Savio showing a stylized scene of reindeer moving through a snowy landscape with textured lines indicating wind and rough weather.


John Savio

 "Coffee Break I" by John Savio, a hand-colored woodcut showing a solitary figure sitting on snow, warming a pot over a fire with orange and yellow flames, against a backdrop of a dark blue night sky peppered with white stars.

Coffee Break I

John Savio

 A fine art print by Eugène Robert entitled "Vue générale du glacier situé au sud-est de la Pointe des Renards (rade de Bell-Sound)" depicting a panoramic view of a glacier and surrounding peaks in pale blues and whites, with calm waters in the foreground scattered with ice floes, all rendered in a cold color palette suggesting an Arctic or sub-Arctic landscape.

Vue générale du glacier situé au sud-est de la Pointe des Renards (rade de Bell-Sound)

 "Winter," an oil on zinc plate painting by Knud Baade, shows a tranquil winter scene with snow-covered mountains under a clear blue sky and a group of travelers with animals moving through the snow.


Knud Baade

 A lithograph print by Barthélémy Lauvergne titled "Fra Madeleinebukta," depicting a large iceberg with varying shades of white and gray, small ice floes, a single-mast sailing boat to the right, and distant mountains in an arctic setting.

Fra Madeleinebukta

 "Blue Winter" by Erling Enger, an oil painting on canvas depicting a serene winter landscape with overcast blue-gray skies, dark blue snow-covered hills with white highlights, and a foreground of a snowy field with small silhouetted trees providing contrast.

Blue Winter

Erling Enger

 Oil painting by Edvard Diriks on wood panel depicting a snowy street scene in muted tones of gray, white, and beige, with figures in dark clothing traversing the chalky snow-covered path, surrounded by buildings in soft yellow and beige under a subdued gray sky.

From the Jail at Akerhus

Edvard Diriks

 An oil painting on canvas by artist Jacob Gløersen depicting a snow-covered house in a translucent winter landscape with a single dark figure to the right, evoking a sense of solitude in a vast expanse of white and muted grey tones.

Drifting Snow

Jacob Gløersen

 "Vinterlandskap" by Ludvig Skramstad is an oil painting on canvas portraying a serene, snow-covered landscape with a wooden gazebo on the left, leafless trees dotting the area, and gray overcast skies above gentle snowy hills.


Ludvig Skramstad

 "Vinterlandskap" by Antoni van Stralen, an oil painting on wood depicting a tranquil winter scene with leafless trees, a modest building, and figures ice skating on a frozen body of water. The work features a muted color palette of browns, grays, and pale blues, conveying the serenity of a cold, overcast day.


Antoni van Stralen

 "Vinterlandskap," a painting by Klaes Molenaer, depicting a serene winter scene with figures ice skating on a frozen waterway, a dark fortress-like structure to the left, and a dynamic sky with clouds transitioning from warm to cool colors.


Klaes Molenaer

 Black and white lithograph on paper by Auguste Etienne François Mayer, titled "Snøhetta sett fra veien mellom Hjerkin og Kongsvoll," depicting a historical scene of two figures in a mountainous landscape under a dynamic cloudy sky with the majestic Snøhetta mountain in the backdrop.

Snøhetta sett fra veien mellom Hjerkin og Kongsvoll

 "Vinterlandskap" by Karl XV av Sverige og Norge, oil on canvas, depicting a tranquil winter scene with a large, bare tree with twisted branches on the left, soft pastel sky in the background, a solitary small figure walking through the snow, and a frozen water body reflecting the sky's colors on the right.


Karl XV av Sverige og Norge

 "Klosteret Kolotskoï, 1. februar 1814, på veien fra Moskva (Russland)" by Barthélémy Lauvergne, depicting a snowy winter scene with a monastery surrounded by buildings covered in snow, an overcast sky, and the bare branches of trees.

Klosteret Kolotskoï, 1. februar 1814, på veien fra Moskva (Russland)

 "Femte panorama over Madeleinebukta" by Barthélémy Lauvergne, a grayscale lithograph on paper showing a group of 19th-century explorers in arctic gear approaching or leaving a rocky area with sleds amid a background of towering, snow-capped mountains under a light gray sky.

Femte panorama over Madeleinebukta

 "Wolf, Sami, Reindeer" by John Savio is a hand-colored woodcut on paper depicting a Sami figure in traditional dark clothing with red details, pointing a spear at a startled reindeer in a snowy landscape, with a yellow-toned sky above and a sparse tree to the left.

Wolf, Sami, Reindeer

John Savio

Alt-Text: Winter scene by Klaes Molenaer, showing an oil painting on a wooden panel. The painting features rustic buildings and people engaging in winter activities under a cloudy sky, with a color palette dominated by whites, greys, and browns.


Klaes Molenaer

 An oil painting on canvas by Gerhard Munthe depicting a vibrant winter scene with figures engaging in activities on snow-covered ground, against a backdrop of wooden structures and a softly lit sky suggestive of late afternoon.

Throwing Snowballs

Gerhard Munthe

 "Vinter, Svolvær" by Hanne Borchgrevink, a monochromatic fine art print featuring a stylized winter landscape with mountains, a series of simplified building shapes indicating a small settlement, and a body of water or ice in the foreground with textural elements suggesting reflection or shadow.

Vinter, Svolvær

Hanne Borchgrevink

 An oil on canvas painting by Alexander Schultz featuring a winter landscape with a cluster of trees in the foreground, predominantly in whites and blues, with touches of green and brown, depicting a serene and slightly melancholic scene.

Scrub in Winter

Alexander Schultz

 "Frost," a color lithograph on paper by artist Else Hagen, showing a stylized winter scene with dark bark-textured trees in the foreground against a patchwork of colorful, impressionistic buildings in the background, imbued with earthy browns, deep reds, and muted blues.


Else Hagen

 "Boys skiing" by Erik Werenskiold, a black and white etching of two young boys on skis with poles, dressed in winter clothing, standing in a snowy landscape with implied trees in the background. The piece is rendered in a range of greys, highlighting texture and contrast.

Boys skiing

Erik Werenskiold

 "Fra Bossekop i Finnmark," a lithograph on paper by Barthélémy Lauvergne depicting a group of figures in arctic clothing around overturned boats on snow, with glaciated mountains in the background, invoking a muted palette of grays and whites.

Fra Bossekop i Finnmark

 "Winter on the Fjord" by Edvard Munch, an expressionist painting on canvas depicting a snowy winter scene along a Norwegian fjord with icy blues and whites, purple shadows on snow, hints of dark land, a frozen body of water, distant hills, and a cloudy sky.

Winter on the Fjord

Edvard Munch

 "Bright Winter Day" by Gunilla Hegfeldt, a fine art painting on canvas depicting a serene, snow-covered forest with towering, leafless trees, dappled sunlight on the snow, and a palette of whites, blues, and earth tones conveying the quiet beauty of a winter landscape.

Bright Winter Day

Gunilla Hegfeldt

 "Frost" by Else Hagen, an abstract color lithograph on paper featuring a wintry scene with abstracted tree-like figures and buildings in earthy tones, immersed in a frosty atmosphere.


Else Hagen

 "Isbre øst-sørøst for Bellsund," a monochromatic lithograph by Auguste Etienne François Mayer, displaying a historical glacier scene with a small group of explorers set against a vast, textured ice field, rendered in various shades of gray to portray the grandeur and desolate nature of the icy landscape.

Isbre øst-sørøst for Bellsund

 Vintage lithograph poster titled "Palais de Glace. Champs-Elysées" by Jules Chéret, featuring an exuberant woman ice-skating in a billowing red skirt and dark blue bodice, with the text "Palais de Glace" above and "Champs-Elysées" below her in bold typography, all set against an off-white background suggesting an indoor ice rink.

Palais de Glace. Champs-Elysées

Jules Chéret

 Monochromatic etching titled "Liten isbre på Bæskades" by Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand, depicting a small glacier flanked by dark rocky cliffs under an overcast sky, executed in shades of gray on paper using line etching and aquatint techniques.

Liten isbre på Bæskades

Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand

 A pencil drawing by Johan Joachim Meyer titled "The Buarbreen Glacier near Odda" on paper, depicting a serene glacier nestled between two hills with a body of water in the foreground and detailed through various shades of grey.

The Buarbreen Glacier near Odda

Johan Joachim Meyer