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 Oil painting by Halfdan Strøm on canvas depicting a young girl in a white dress with blue floral patterns standing in center; her hair in braids with red ribbons, wearing a matching red-bowed hat and dark boots, set against an impressionistic backdrop of green foliage with hints of blue, white, and yellow flowers.

The Artist's Daughter Mox at fourteen

Halfdan Strøm

 A figurine of a woman with a serene expression, wearing a burnt orange blouse, dotted white skirt, holding a mustard yellow shawl, standing on a green base.


 Color lithograph "La petite blanchisseuse" by Pierre Bonnard depicting a young girl in black clothing with white details, viewed from behind, on a street with a warm red wall and clothesline above, and a ground speckled with light spots under a soft blue sky.

La petite blanchisseuse

Pierre Bonnard

 "Jente ved vindu," a black and white linocut print by artist Georg Schrimpf, depicting a stylized female figure sitting by a window, reflecting or daydreaming, with a small plant on the sill and an urban backdrop suggested by geometric shapes representing buildings.

Jente ved vindu

Georg Schrimpf

 "Ung dame i violett kjole på en havebenk" by Leis Schjelderup - a painting of a young lady in a violet dress seated on a black garden bench, with a bouquet of flowers at her feet and surrounded by verdant greenery.

Ung dame i violett kjole på en havebenk

Leis Schjelderup

 "En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn" by Kristian Zahrtmann, an oil painting of a mother seated beside a bed, gently rocking her baby in a wicker basket. She is dressed in a cream blouse and pale blue skirt with a dark apron, in a room filled with warm brown tones.

En sabinerinne vugger sitt barn

Kristian Zahrtmann

 "Young Woman in Traditional Dress on the Balcony" by Hedevig Thorine Christiane Lund, featuring a serene young woman with light brown eyes and dark hair tied back with a red band, dressed in a white blouse, dark red

Young Woman in Traditional Dress on the Balcony

Hedevig Thorine Christiane Lund

 A porcelain figurine of a woman in a traditional dress with a floral pattern, standing gracefully with a raised hand and wearing a black headscarf that covers her face, set against a plain grey background.


 Etching on paper by Lena Cronqvist titled "Pike med rundkolbe nr. 4" depicting a simple black and white scene of a young girl holding a large round-bottomed flask, with stark contrast and minimal background detail, emphasizing the interaction between the child and the object.

Pike med rundkolbe nr. 4

Lena Cronqvist

 "Portrett av ung kvinne" by an unidentified Danish-Norwegian artist, a fine art oil on canvas, depicting a serene young woman from the 17th century with pale skin, a subtle smile, wearing a dark dress and a broad starched white collar, against a dark brown background.

Portrett av ung kvinne

Uidentifisert, dansk-norsk

 "Lesende kvinne på hagebenk" by Sofie Werenskiold, a serene painting of a woman reading on a bench along a winding sandy path in a lush green park with young trees, under a pale blue sky, capturing a quiet sunny afternoon.

Lesende kvinne på hagebenk

Sofie Werenskiold

 Fine art print by Pablo Picasso titled "Ung kvinne lar kjolen falle," showing a sketched image of a young woman standing nude from the waist up, with her long hair partly covering her face as she lets a flowing dress fall around her lower body. The delicate etching lines create a monochrome image on paper, featuring only shades of black and gray, signed and possibly numbered by the artist.

Ung kvinne lar kjolen falle

Pablo Picasso

 "Ungpikeprofil" by Arild Yttri, a monochromatic copperplate engraving on paper depicting a young girl in profile with a braid and a butterfly-patterned top. The artwork is rich in shades of black, gray, and white, exuding a soft and detailed realism.


Arild Yttri

 A hand-colored woodcut on wove paper by John Savio, titled "Boy and Girl," featuring a young couple in close proximity, foreheads nearly touching, with the boy in a dark hat and coat and the girl in a colorful, patchwork-like outfit against the backdrop of a bare tree and a gradient pale sky.

Boy and Girl

John Savio

 "Bebudelsen," a copperplate engraving on paper by Marcantonio Raimondi, depicts the Annunciation scene with the angel Gabriel on the left with extended hand and wings, and the Virgin Mary seated on the right with an open book, set within a classical architectural interior framed by a vaulted ceiling.


Marcantonio Raimondi

 Hand-colored lithograph on paper by an unknown lithographer depicting a fourteen-year-old girl with a pale and patchy complexion indicative of leprosy. She wears a gray headscarf, a green checkered collar, an orange-brown attire, and a red and green striped scarf. Her expression is solemn with a soft, direct gaze. The artwork is titled "En fjorten år gammel pike som er rammet av spedalskhet."

En fjorten år gammel pike som er rammet av spedalskhet

Ukjent litograf

 Oval portrait of a young girl from a past era, featuring a pale pink dress with floral patterns, sheer lace shawl, and pink bows in her white powdered hair. Painted with oil on canvas, the artwork exudes a sense of grace and refinement against a dark brown background, attributed to an unknown artist.

Young Woman with a Fan

Ukjent kunstner

 A porcelain figurine of a young woman in historical attire holding a basket, with a white and purple dress, pink headband, and standing on a base painted like grass.


 "I parken," an oil on canvas painting by Pierre Georges Jeanniot, portrays a young girl in a blue-gray striped dress standing by a pond surrounded by green trees and reflecting calm water.

I parken

Pierre Georges Jeanniot

 Etching and drypoint artwork on paper by Pablo Picasso titled "Ung kvinne med bluse, faun og bukkehode," depicting a young woman with a faun and goat's head, featuring monochromatic shades of black and intricate linework on a creamy white background.

Ung kvinne med bluse, faun og bukkehode

Pablo Picasso

 "Kvinne under blomstrende plommetrær" by Toyonuni features an intricate color woodblock print of a Japanese woman in a red floral kimono standing under white blossoming plum trees, with a gradation of blue to white in the sky.

Kvinne under blomstrende plommetrær


 Oil on paper mounted on a wood fiber board by Johan Gørbitz, depicting a woman in a red headscarf and black shawl with a silver link necklace, against an impressionistic blue and white background.

Italian Woman

Johan Gørbitz

 Sculpted figurine of a child in traditional attire crouching and playing with a ball, crafted in varying shades of cream and light beige, set against a plain white background.


 "Portrait of Dagny Kiær" by Peter Nicolai Arbo, an oil on canvas painting depicting a young girl in a dark dress with contemplative brown eyes and long, light brown hair against a dark brown background.

Portrait of Dagny Kiær

Peter Nicolai Arbo

 "Painting by Mathilde Dietrichson, oil on canvas glued to a wooden board, showing a serious-looking child with curly hair sitting on the ground holding a brown object, with a black bird to their right and plant debris to the left, set against a gradient of beige and gray background."

Good Friends

Mathilde Dietrichson

 "Woman with Naked Breast" by Peder Als is an oil painting on wood featuring a young woman with bare shoulders and her right breast exposed. She wears a teal-colored, draped garment and gazes directly at the viewer, set against a dark backdrop. The artwork conveys a serene elegance, with the subject exuding a sense of calm confidence.

Woman with naked Breast

Peder Als

 "Etter et langt liv. Kvinne med hatt I" by Arne Bendik Sjur, a black and white drypoint etching on paper depicting the serenely reflective profile of an elderly woman wearing a beret-style hat, with fine lines capturing the textures of her hat and fur collar, and her face marked by the passage of time. The contrasting shades of black and white emphasize the woman's serene expression and the artwork’s focus on graceful aging.

Etter et langt liv. Kvinne med hatt I

Arne Bendik Sjur

 "Puberty" by Edvard Munch, oil on canvas, depicting a vulnerable, young girl seated naked on the edge of a bed, with a dark, wing-like shadow cast on the wall behind her, amidst a background of subdued colors and expressive brushwork.


Edvard Munch

 "The Merchant´s Daughter" by Rolf Nesch, a drypoint and colored aquatint on paper depicting the stylized figure of a young woman in a blue coat amidst abstract swirling patterns suggestive of wind, in muted tones of blue, white, and beige on cream paper.

The Merchant´s Daughter

Rolf Nesch

 Monochromatic etching by Pablo Picasso titled "Badende kvinne og fløytespillende putto, med menn i strandantrekk," with abstracted figures of men in early 20th-century style beachwear, a nude woman, and a cherubic figure playing a flute, rendered in shades of gray using line etching, scraping, and aquatint on paper.

Badende kvinne og fløytespillende putto, med menn i strandantrekk

Pablo Picasso